Kangen Water is for Everyone!

kangen water ceo 

We believe that everyone in the world should be drinking Kangen Water® and consuming Ukon. More than ever before, people need safe, healthy drinking water, and Kangen Water Enagic offers an opportunity to earn extra income with a flexible schedule.

Since 1974, we’ve been engineering and manufacturing Kangen Water® ionizers and creating the patented 8-point compensation plan that makes it possible for Independent Distributors to earn.

With amazing products and an unrivaled business opportunity, now is the time to commit to your plan and accelerate your business growth. Sharing Kangen Water® with your friends, family and community is a great start, but you should also get out of your comfort zone and start communicating with new people. Reach out and talk to people about your excitement for Kangen Water®!

We see diversity as an asset instead of a barrier to success. The Kangen Water Enagic family shares a commitment to the True Health philosophy and the Kangen Water Enagic opportunity is open to anyone regardless of gender, skin color, religion, etc. It doesn’t matter what you look like or what language you speak, there is an opportunity, through hard work and dedication, to earn extra income as a Distributor.

Learning certain lessons is possible by working with people of similar backgrounds, but it’s important to work with people beyond our communities and expand to other cultural, socioeconomic or age groups. For example, if men just sold to other men, young people just sold to other young people, and Filipino people just sold to other Filipinos, that would be such a limited approach. We would squander business potential and that would also deprive you of meeting people with different points of view, which provides its own value.

So, wherever you live and whatever you do, remember that there are millions of people around the world who love Kangen Water® almost as much as I do. As you know, I always carry a bottle of Kangen Water® with me. It’s a great reminder that everything at Kangen Water Enagic starts with Kangen Water®, no matter how big we get or complicated the world can sometimes be. It really just comes down to drinking Kangen Water® and sharing the benefits. Others are bound to show interest and it may result in new team members!

Hironari Ohshiro

Kangen Water Enagic Founder and CEO