Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Kangen Water

faq kangen water question answer 

1. Can Kangen Water be heated or refrigerated? Will it changes its properties such as antioxidant and pH value?

Answer: Yes, Kangen Water can be heated or refrigerated. When heated, the antioxidant and pH will decrease and when refrigerated, the antioxidant will decrease but the pH will stay for about a week, depends on the quality of the water. But overall surely you can heated or refrigerated it. Kangen Water is best to be used as daily drinking water, cooking, making coffee, tea or making ice block or cold water. You can use Kangen Water for everything and it will always be the best compared to regular drinking water.


2. Why my Kangen Water sometimes have a strange odor?

Answer: This odor usually have relationship with the source water you used to make Kangen Water. Usually if you use well water or ground water, because they contains minerals or free carbon dioxide greater than usual, that minerals occasionally react with anti-bacterial feature of the Kangen Water machine water supply house, giving off a smell or odor. If this happens, we recommend you before using the water for the first time every day, set the button to Clean Water (green button on Kangen Water machine), and then let the water run for about two or three minutes (just dispose the water), and then you can use the machine as usual. This way it will reduce or eliminate the odor when you produce Kangen Water. 


3. Can I use Kangen Water to drink with medication?

Answer: Kangen Water is intended to be used for daily drinking water rather than for drinking with medication. If you drink medication, it is better to use Clean Water or Neutral Water with 7.0 pH (just push the green button on Kangen Water machine). You can drink Kangen Alkaline Water again (8.5-9.5 pH) after about 1 to 1,5 hours after taking the medications.


4. Is the differences on water source have any effects on water quality produced from Kangen Water machine?

Yes, different water source can affect the quality of Kangen Water produced by the machine. For example, using municipal city water which already treated usually can produce good Kangen Water quality, however if you use well water or ground water as the water source, because of that kind of water tends to hold a lot of free carbon dioxide, the result of Kangen Water produced by Kangen Water machine may be drops or the taste may be affected. 

For the best quality of water source for Kangen Water machine, we recommend using already treated water, contains minerals and have intial pH of 7.0. Muncipal city water usually already qualified to be used as the water source.


5. What are the benefits of consuming Kangen Water?

Water created through electrolysis process such as Kangen Water have 3 unique properties which aren't available in ordinary drinking water. Those 3 properties are:

  • Have alkaline pH
  • Contains antioxidant
  • Have smaller cluster molecules

This 3 unique properties make Kangen Water become better to be used as daily drinking water, and can hydrate your body optimally and quickly. So Kangen Water is very good for your overall body health.


6. Can detoxification occur when drinking Kangen Water?

Depends on individual's physical state, sometimes (although uncommon) some people experience light dizzines, or muscle aches for a few days to few weeks after drinking Kangen Water. This conditions may happen as a natural physical response when the body try to get rid the toxins out. If you experience this detoxification process, try to reduced to half or a fourth amount of Kangen Water you drink until the symptoms is clear.

If you are the first timer drink Kangen Water, we suggest you to start from lowest alkaline level first which is 8.5 pH for two week, then increase the pH to 9.0 for another two weeks and last you can drink at 9.5 pH level. This way you can give a chance to your body to adjust for this alkaline water step by step gradually.


7. What is Beauty Water or Acidic Water and its function?

Beauty Water is the water produced from Kangen Water machine that has sligthly acidic pH around 5.5-6.5. This water can be used to toning your skin. You can fill Beauty Water into a small spray bottle and spray it to your face throughout the day to preserve the moisture of your skin. Beauty Water can also act as astringent which is good to tighten your skin pores. 


8. What is Strong Acidic Water? 

Strong Acidic Water is a water with pH lower than 2.7. This kind of water is good for cleaning and sanitary purpose such as cleaning household surfaces or cleaning bathrooom to prevent germs and bacteria from growing. 


9. How long Kangen Water last? How About Beauty Water, Strong Acidic and Strong Kangen Water? How long they will last?

To get most of its benefits, it's better to consume Kangen Water immediately after produced from the machine. If you like to keep it, store in air tight dark bottle and consume within 1 or 2 days. Kangen Water that keep in refrigerator can last about 3-4 days. 

Meanwhile the other type of water for external use such as Beauty Water, Strong Acidic and Strong Kangen Water, can last about 1 week.

Just keep in mind, the sooner you use any type of the water after it freshly produced from Kangen Water machine, the better and they will give you the most of their benefits.


10. How much should I drink Kangen Water daily?

Kangen Water is intended for daily drinking water. There are no set rules regarding how much you should drink this water. Just drink as usual. For recommended daily drinking water for adults is about 2-3 liters is good.


11. How do I start drinking Kangen Water?

If you are first time drinking Kangen Water, we suggest you to drink at the low alkaline pH level first which is 8.5 pH. This way you give a chance to make an adjustment when drink this type of water. Keep drinking at this pH level until you feel comfortable (usually about 1 to 2 weeks), and then go to the next alkaline pH level which is 9.0. Do the same for about 1-2 weeks until you feel comfortable and then you can go to the highest pH level for drinking which is 9.5.

If there is somehow you feel detox symptoms while drinking at higher pH level, we suggest you to go back to the previous pH level to give your body more time to adjust (about another 1 week) and then you can try to drink at high alkaline level again.


12. What is whiteish materials I found in my Kangen drinking Water?

The whiteish materials is a small amounts of undissolved minerals from your water source. It  is not harmful even if consumed, but this is also the indicator that your Kangen Water machine need to be cleaned using E-Cleaning to prevent minerals build up on electrolysis plates inside Kangen Water machine. 

Do regular E-cleaning about twice a week (or once a week depends on the usage), to keep the machine always clean and so it can produce good quality Kangen drinking water.


13. What is ORP and what is the relationship between Kangen Water and ORP?

ORP is the abbreviation of Oxidation Reduction Potential, which is a scale of measurement whether one particular liquid (or things) can oxidize another things (make it decay) or can make it fresh and prevent from decay. 

Positive ORP (+) on the scale of ORP measurement is called oxidizing agent and make something to decay so it is bad, meanwhile negative ORP (-) is reducing agent and is good to prevent something from decay. Kangen Water produced through electrolysis process (using electricity) inside Kangen Water machine make the water have the good negative ORP, thus this water can act as reducing agent which is good. 

Drinking Kangen Water daily with its negative ORP (or contains antioxidant) can be very helpful to the body to neutralize harmful free radicals that cause illness and aging. 


14. Why my Kangen Water 9.5 pH doesn't turn to purple when I tested it with pH testing solution?

This problem commonly happen if you use well or ground water or any water source with intial pH below 7.0. First you have to check your water source before it's enter Kangen Water machine. If the pH below 7.0 (such as pH 5.0 or 6.0 and it's turn yellow when you tested it with pH solution), then the result after that water goes into Kangen Water machine with 9.5 pH setting won't turn purple (usually it only turn into blue or green color). 

You need to use inital water of pH 7.0. So, if you use well water, try to change it with city municipal water where city municipal water usually already has standard pH of 7.0.


15. Is there any relationship between pH and ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) on Kangen Water machine?

Yes, when you raise the pH, then the negative ORP (a.k.a antioxidant) also increases. That means ORP or antioxidant of Kangen Water 9.5 pH is higher than antioxidant of Kangen Water 8.5 pH.


16. Why there is something like white fogginess or very tiny bubbles when I produce Kangen Water?

That white fogginess is good hydrogen gas as a result from electrolysis process. That white fogginess also means your Kangen Water is still fresh and contains very high antioxidant. When you rest the glass for a while, the fogginess or tiny bubbles eventually will disappear. We recommend you to consume it immediately to get its best antioxidant benefits.