What are the Benefits of Kangen Water and Other Type of Water Produced from Kangen Water Machine?

One Kangen Water machine can produce 5 types of water, each of these waters have their own benefits. Not only you can produce drinking water, but you can also make any type of water that are very useful such as beauty water, sanitary water, cleaning water, etc. So let us see each types of the water and it use.


1. Kangen Water as Drinking Water (8.5 - 9.5 pH)

kangen drinking water benefits

When you press KANGEN button on Kangen Water machine, you can produce drinking water right away. There are 3 pH levels that can be selected on this KANGEN mode which are 8.5 pH, 9.0 pH and 9.5 pH. If it is the first time you drink this water, we suggest you to start at the lowest alkaline level which is Kangen 8.5 to give your body chance to adjust of this alkaline water. Keep drinking this 8.5 pH for 1 to 2 weeks as you daily drinking water, and then you can raise the pH to the second alkaline level which is 9.0.

Continue drinking this 9.0 about 2 weeks, and if you feel comfortable, you can go to the next step to the highest alkaline level for drinking which is 9.5 pH. Not only 9.5 pH is more alkaline, but it also contains more antioxidant, so it will be better to your body.

Not only Kangen Water 8.5 to 9.5 can be used as your daily drinking water, you can also use this water to make a soup, or any dishes you like. Kangen Water with micro-clustering molecules ability can be absorbed better by the food so it will draws out all the essence of the food you cook, made it become even more delicious and tasty compared if you use ordinary water. 


2. Clean Water or Neutral Water (7.0 pH)

clean water benefits

Clean Water is a neutral water with 7.0 pH. This water is filtered but not going into electrolysis process, so the pH is the same as the source water. Clean water can be used if you drink medication or making baby formulas. 


3. Beauty Water as a Natural Skin Care (6.0 pH)

beauty water benefits

Beauty Water created from electrolysis process through Kangen Water machine has pH that slightly acidic around 5.5 - 6.0 pH. This water is very suitable for human skin which has around the same pH. Beauty Water is free from chemicals so it safe for any skin types. This Beauty Water also has astringent effect which can be very good to tighten skins pores. 

Besides for skin care, Beauty Water also can be used for washing your hair to prevent tangles and make your hair smooth, silky and more shining. 


4. Strong Acidic Water as Sanitary and Anti Bacteria (2.5 pH)

strong acidic water benefits

Strong Acidic Water with 2.5 pH can be used for sanitary purpose or to help skin problems such as rash or scraped wounds. This strong acidic water is very good on killing bacterias and germs. Use this water in your house to make it clean and free from germs.


5. Strong Kangen Water to Wash Fruits and Vegetables (11.5 pH)

strong kangen water benefits

Strong Kangen Water is a high alkalinity water that can be used to clean your fruits and veggies so they will free from pesticide. This water can create strong bond with oil based pesticide so it can be removed from your fruits and vegetables skin surfaces, makes your fruits and vegetables safer to eat.