E8PA: The Benefits Keep Coming!

kangen water enagic e8pa 

You thought you knew E8PA (Kangen Water Enagic 8 Prosperity Association), but the program is full of surprises.

“The E-points E8PA members accumulate can be used for much more than playing golf in Japan or California,” said Kangen Water Enagic USA E8PA Manager Don Prosser, referring to Kangen Water Enagic-owned golf courses in Okinawa and San Diego.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 1A or a top leader, eligible Distributors accumulate E-points with any purchase or sale. The points keep growing and can be used, similar to a rewards program, in a variety of amazing ways including:

  • Donation to a customer or downline toward the purchase of a new Kangen Water® ionizer.
  • Reimbursement for select Kangen Water Enagic company event tickets, transportation, lodging and meals.
  • Reimbursement for educational tuition.
  • Reimbursement for machine deep cleaning and maintenance.
  • Discount on Ukon DD, new Super501 Kangen Water® ionizer and new Anespa DX mineral ion spa.


In addition to the many ways to use E-Points, E8PA card purchases/sales count towards a Distributorship’s group sales volume, title Incentive and awards. Silver Cards and above equal one new machine sale and Bronze Cards count as one half (1⁄2) of a machine sale. E8PA memberships range from $1,000 for a Bronze Card to $8,000 for a Black Card.

E-points have increased over time. “The allotment or the allowance you received was lower at the beginning,” Prosser says. “Now that’s really increased, so there’s a greater chance to use these points.” Kangen Water Enagic facilities and the range of benefits have also increased.

“E8PA is a pass-up system,” Prosser says. “Let’s say that you’re my upline and you don’t have an E8PA membership, but I purchased one. Even if I’m a 1A, that commission bypasses you. Normally, if you have a machine and somebody buys anything below you, you’re going to get paid on it, but because it’s E8PA, you have to be an E8PA member to earn E8PA commissions... when someone is higher up, like 6A2-2, they have no idea how many points they’re sacrificing because they don’t have an E8PA card.”

The best part may be that people who benefit from E8PA memberships are also giving back by buying cards. Kangen Water Enagic Founder and CEO Hironari Ohshiro always builds philanthropy into the business, sponsoring educational and sports organizations across Okinawa and running facilities like Yomitan Kobato Kindergarten and the Churayuntaza, Unity and Mizuho-no-Sato retirement homes. “What most people don’t know is what Mr. Ohshiro is doing with E8PA,” Prosser says. “He’s taking care of people in Okinawa who need help. They’re out there doing compassionate acts.”

“Paying compassion forward” is also available to E8PA members. As mentioned, a member can donate E-points to someone to purchase a new Kangen Water® ionizer. This is a powerful tool to generate new business and grow teams.

Top leaders also have praise for E8PA and E-points. “Everybody should have it if you’re in the business for the long run,” One of the distributor says. “You’re doing the work, so why not leverage points for traveling?” He often promotes E8PA to team members through Zoom, sharing his point totals onscreen. He adds, “It’s like a credit card you use for expenses you already have, and then you travel for free.” He also recommends donating points. “Help people who cannot afford a down payment to start the business and help them change their life.”

One of the distributor appreciates being reimbursed for travel expenses. E8PA members in the United States also get a discount on Ukon DD, which is a nice perk.

“I have a big vision with Kangen Water Enagic,” said one of the distributor. “I see myself working with them for many, many years. Every sale I make, or my team makes, I can get a little reward. I can cash that in, just like a credit card point, for travel, for events, for ticket prices, or donating to my team.” For example, last summer, when Kangen Water Enagic hosted a large event in Los Angeles to recognize Independent Distributors, Colten bought tickets for his team. At that event, Kangen Water Enagic reminded him that he could have paid for his tickets using E-points and reimbursed him over $2,400. “How cool is that?” He says. “I never would have got that if not for E8PA.” When he tells his team about E-points, he simply asks, “Hey, do you want to get free money?” After accumulating enough points, He plans to visit Okinawa and E8PA headquarters with his wife, fulfilling a dream. Better yet, Kangen Water Enagic will reimburse them for travel expenses since he’s an E8PA member.