How to Become an Kangen Water Enagic Independent Distributor

kangen water distributor 

Kangen Water Enagic believes in empowering people through the direct sales marketing system.

Becoming an Enagic Distributor is a simple two-step process:

Step 1

Agree to purchase an Enagic Kangen Water® ionizer or an Ukon subscription from an existing Enagic Distributor.

Step 2

Read and agree to abide by Enagic’s Policies & Procedures and complete the Product Order Form & Distributor Application.

After the completed and signed forms have been received, Enagic assigns a Client ID number and then you will earn a commission on any additional products you purchase for yourself, and you will also earn a commission on any referral sales you make.

It’s possible to connect with Distributors in many ways. Start here:

  • Use a search engine to find a Distributor in your area.
  • Use social media to connect with a Distributor. Let people know that you’re interested in Kangen Water® and Ukon.
  • Friends and family often introduce people to Kangen Water® and Ukon.

Even if you don’t personally know a Distributor, they’re bound to warmly welcome you into this global business as we strive for True Health as a team.