Don’t Wait to Act. Use the Momentum to Finish the Year Strong!

hironari oshiro kangen water profile 

We are very grateful to all the Independent Distributors for helping us get through 2021, a difficult time living and working with COVID-19. We’re finally seeing the prospect of global business starting to stabilize. At Kangen Water Enagic , we’re on an upswing. Now is the time to finish the year strong so we can continue to build momentum.

Kangen Water Enagic India is leading the growth momentum. The three Independent Distributor pioneers featured on this month’s cover are part of a rising tide of dedicated, motivated businesspeople who are sharing Kangen Water® and compassion in hundreds of communities in the vast, untapped nation.

Another sign of the momentum is that Kangen Water Enagic Kangen Water® ionizers are now found in 1% of households in California and Hawaii! This is a huge milestone for the company, and we are focused on achieving 1% market penetration in every country where we do business. Kangen Water Enagic is a unique and exceptional opportunity in the direct selling industry because we make our own products and we have an unrivaled, patented 8-point compensation plan.

We’re focused on growing Kangen Water Enagic globally. At this moment, we’re working to expand the Global Operations Center (GOC) to provide even more support for Independent Distributors to process sales. As a company, we’ll continue to think big, but it remains important for Independent Distributors to act locally. Consider your friends, family, and neighbors ... Who have you overlooked? Everyone can benefit from Kangen Water®. You should also provide support to your team. Continue to show compassion and share knowledge so more people can reach 6A. With your continued efforts, we are sure to succeed together and reach 25,000 units sold per month.

We will continue to spread the message of True Health. In 2022, Kangen Water Enagic is expanding to Africa and the U.K. to help more people! Let’s work together to share the benefits of Kangen Water®, Ukon and E8PA everywhere around the world.


Hironari Ohshiro

Kangen Water Enagic Founder and CEO