Expanded GOC Support and Exciting Sales Contests for Your Kangen Water Global Business!

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Kangen Water Enagic is a worldwide family. Our global expansion has been driven by the thirst for healthy Kangen Water and a unique opportunity to earn extra income. This month, we are focused on global initiatives, the expansion of the Global Operations Center (GOC) and the launch of two exciting sales contests to support you and other Independent Distributors around the world.

Recently, I have been in San Diego building a second GOC to enable more worldwide sales order processing. Use GOC to grow your business! Please send your completed and signed forms for new machine, Ukon and E8PA orders to the GOC email in your country or region. GOC is a great resource that’s available to you and it is helping us to become more efficient and responsive.

With the expansion of GOC, it is an amazing time to be an Independent Distributor, and the opportunity is even more exciting in September as we’re hosting two global sales challenges!

Check the updated contest rankings by logging in to the Distributor Support Portal. If you and your team are competing, don’t forget to cheer them on and stay focused on achieving your own sales goals for the rest of the month! Our future is global, but we are always a family aligned around shared ideals and Kangen Water. Thank you for your dedication and don’t forget to drink Kangen Water every day!

Hironari Ohshiro (CEO Enagic Kangen Water International)