Compassion, Then Commission

kangen water enagic business 

To become successful in Kangen Water Enagic business, it is important to support and show compassion for your customers and team. This is the foundation of success. Your customers and team will come to trust and respect you if you demonstrate a commitment to serving their interests first. Listen to what they are seeking. Help them grow. Motivate and encourage them. Think less about your own success. Success will come as you establish yourself as a leader and a resource for your customers and team.

After you have shared Kangen Water and built a team based on compassion, the commission will come. Or to put it another way; focus on your mission, then commission. Last month’s recognition ceremony in Los Angeles was a reminder of this approach. We celebrated Independent Distributors who have achieved success by including their surrounding community, building trust with friends, family and neighbors, and contributing to everybody’s well-being.

Show support and respect to other team members and they’re likely to reciprocate. Deliver valuable products like Kangen Water and Ukon to people in your communities and gratitude is one of many potential rewards from a long list of positives. Start with one person and repeat a compassionate message, day after day, and before long, your circle of appreciation will grow and thrive.

Kangen Water has given Independent Distributors the opportunity to share our message and shine. Financial health is just one byproduct of success, but our message is bigger than bank accounts. Now is our time. Let’s help as many people as we can in the world and deliver our message for True Health.

Hironari Ohshiro