Kangen Water Enagic 47th Anniversary Celebration at E8PA  

kangen water enagic birthday

Kangen Water Enagic celebrated the company’s 47th anniversary. On June 21, approximately 100 people, including Okinawa-based Independent Distributors and staff members, gathered at E8PA Hall. VIP speakers included Kangen Water Enagic Founder and CEO Hironari Ohshiro, Executive Vice President Hiroki Ohshiro, Global Sales Director Nick Nakao and 6A2-4 Etsuko Kinjo. They acknowledged the dedication so many people have shown to make Kangen Water Enagic a success and wished everybody a successful journey for the next 47 years.

Mr. Ohshiro started his speech by recounting his 47-year road both uphill and downhill. The challenges and triumphs he’s overcome on this journey that have made him the person he is today. Mr. Ohshiro acknowledged the global crisis that has challenged our physical, mental and financial health. Only by staying authentic and independent during this time can we achieve True Health. Stand up for people who need our help on the way. Love and compassion can create momentum that can change the world.