Reflecting on the Past and Looking Forward to the Future

kangen water enagic director ceo founder 

I don’t need birthdays to feel nostalgic. I still surround myself with my family’s history by maintaining strong roots in Sedake, my beloved village on Okinawa. Still, now that I turned 80 years young on March 17, I can’t help but reflect on the past and the path I cleared for us all to take rewarding journeys with Kangen Water Enagic.

I didn’t grow up with much in Sedake. My family grew what they could on the land outside our small home. I was one of six children and my father was in poor health, so my mother carried much of the responsibility to raise us during such a turbulent time. I was born in 1941, and not all of us made it through World War II.

Hardship and sacrifice have been common themes throughout my life, but thanks to the success my wife Yaeko and I have enjoyed with Kangen Water Enagic, I’ve been fortunate enough to give back to Sedake, the starting point for both of us.

I’ve been fortunate enough to give back to Sedake and Okinawa, creating jobs in several industries, sponsoring schools and sports programs, and providing amenities for my cherished neighbors and friends.

My entrepreneurial spirit brought me to Naha and Tokyo and has allowed me to visit many countries to promote Kangen Water and Ukon, but I always return home to Sedake, which remains the center of my world. Sedake is where I learned to crawl, walk and run. Yaeko’s family home is also a short walk from where I grew up. Many relatives still live in Sedake and we remain close.

I even own my childhood home. A large photograph of my mother still hangs on the wall, and we kept the living room just as she knew out of respect to her. The only major difference from when I was younger is the paint color: Enagic blue.

I also rent and maintain my old elementary school, which is no longer in use and now houses an Enagic Museum that tells my story, which I hope can help inspire other people to dream big. The path has not al- ways been smooth for my family or the company, but thanks to contributions from talented Independent Distributors and employees, Sedake and Enagic are in a great place and I look forward to many years ahead in my hometown with the people I care about most.

Hironari Ohshiro (CEO and FOUNDER Kangen Water Enagic)