Kangen Water Enagic Golf Club at Eastlake is “On a Roll” in 2021

enagic east lake golf club

Momentum continues to build at Kangen Water Enagic Golf Club at Eastlake, the 18-hole suburban course in Chula Vista, California acquired in 2018 at the direction of Kangen Water Enagic CEO Mr. Hironari Ohshiro.

Following up on the success of the Kangen Water Enagic San Diego County Open held at the course in October, Kangen Water Enagic hosted a pre-qualifying tournament for the Farmers Insurance Open, which happens at nearby Torrey Pines Golf Course.

Kangen Water Enagic Golf Club at Eastlake made an agreement with Southern California PGA (SCPGA) to host three qualifiers for the Farmers Insurance Open, starting with the tournament that just ran January 19-21, according to Kangen Water Enagic Golf Club at Eastlake VP/COO Neil Finch. Each day, 90 golfers competed for coveted spots in the tournament qualifier. In total, 270 golfers played Kangen Water Enagic

Golf Course at Eastlake. Finch heard nothing but compliments and was thrilled with how the course played. “The course showed itself well,” he says. “All the work is paying off.”

Increased recognition has let Kangen Water Enagic Golf Club
at Eastlake to build their event calendar. The SCPGA asked Finch to host two other events this March: a two-day Senior Event and a 100-player competition for the San Diego Chapter. Finch says, “As soon as you start being successful, the next thing you know, you have another question. ‘Can you guys host this?’” The team’s been working to hear questions like this, but they’re not done making improvements.

“We have another couple tees and some more fairway bunkers and some more improvements we’d like to get started,” Finch says. “It’s been absolutely exhilarating to be out there to make changes and fine-tuning.”

Finch has been so focused on upgrading bunkers, greens and tees with course superintendent Jim Ferrel and their team that he’s barely had time to golf himself. He’s only played the course four times

since arriving to end 2018. “I spend more time on a backhoe,” he jokes. Finch is kind of like a chef who barely eats their own food.

“We’re becoming recognized in the community,” Finch says.
“Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, we’re at max capacity, and on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, we’re sneaking up on max capacity.” The improvements that Finch and his team made to the course during 2020 are clearly paying dividends.

“We have a completely different product that we’re presenting to the public today,” Finch says. “Even though Mr. Ohshiro hasn’t been here in many months, he has a lot to be proud of, and for all the distributors that he built the golf course for, it’s a very nice golf course...We’re on a roll.”