Water Profile - Strong Acidic Water

grooming pet strong acidic 

Enagic Kangen Water machines produce five types of filtered ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis:

Strong Acidic Water has many applications, and because of its acidity, is NOT for drinking. Water this acidic is ideal for cleaning. Strong Acidic Water can help to keep homes safe and surfaces clean while limiting use of astringent chemical cleaners.

Strong Acidic Water has various uses:


Cleanse knives, cutting boards, countertops and more. Clean in and around the kitchen, bathroom, living room and other high-touch areas.

Pet Care

Pet shops, caregivers, and groomers can also use Strong Acidic Water to safely clean pet bowls, grooming stations, play areas, crates, carrying cases and more.

Commercial Uses

Beauty salons, hair salons, restaurants, daycare centers and nursing homes use Strong Acidic Water.


Sanitize hands, toothbrushes or even use as a mild mouthwash.


To maximize the effectiveness of Strong Acidic Water, don’t forget to change your supply once a week.