The Foundations of True Health: Physical Health Financial Health Mental / Metaphysical Health

kangen in kanji japanese

Understanding “Kangen”

“Kangen” applies to more than just water. This important part of a bigger Kangen Water Enagic philosophy also describes stripping away things that keep us from achieving our “destined” harmony and balance. Enagic offers five different kinds of Kangen:

  • BodilyConstitution=GoodHealth

  • Fair & High Income = Good Earnings

  • Quick Return = Rapid Financial Reward

  • Appreciation/Compassion=CareforSelfandOthers

  • Societal Support = Care for the Community

    Face-To-Face: Human Based Marketing

    The “True Health” lifestyle allows infinite diversity and flexibility. Close communication between people is nurturing and helps us overcome barriers and boundaries. Discover and develop your own Enagic business style. The resulting “Circle of Compassion” will ripple across the globe, now and forever.