Embrace Optimism and Capitalize on Momentum

hironari oshiro 

The new year is a chance for the world to once again embrace optimism. Signs of economic recovery have become clear. The climb back up and over the moun- tain is now inevitable, and we are bound to reach even greater heights together in 2021.

With exciting global company promotions like the 6A Support Campaign, you are already focused on help- ing your team achieve 6A and beyond. And just like the enthusiasm we are feeling at Enagic, confidence is rising across society and in business. Now is the time to capitalize on this momentum and to tap into all this incredible potential.

Prospective customers are becoming ready, willing and able to invest in quality products, and Kangen Water is the wisest investment of all.

The storm is passing and the sun is breaking through the clouds. By sharing the amazing benefits of Kangen Water and Ukon with more people, we have the chance to make 2021 our best year ever and to spread compas- sion and True Health around the world.


Hironari Ohshiro

CEO & Founder Enagic