Ukon Benefits Independent Distributors in Business and in Life

ukon kangen water 

Kangen Water Enagic is best known for Kangen Water®, but Ukon is another product from Kangen Water Enagic with natural benefits that can help Independent Distributors in their business and lives.

On Okinawa, turmeric farming has a rich history that dates back centuries. The root, which is believed to contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Kangen Water Enagic has been producing Ukon (the Japanese word for turmeric) since 2003 to support local farmers and complement Kangen Water®. Farmers harvest turmeric during spring and autumn

in Yanbaru, the island’s northern tip, which features mineral-rich soils and is known as “nature’s treasure” (“shizen no takara” in Japanese). At Kangen Water Enagic Ukon Factory, people wash and sterilize Ukon in Strong Kangen and Acidic Water before converting it into powder for three versatile products: Kangen Ukon Tea, Kangen Ukon & Honey Soap, and Kangen Ukon supplements available in DD (4-month supply) or Sigma (12-month supply).

Arthur Johnson, Director of Kangen Ukon for Kangen Water Enagic International, discussed an effective method he’s seen Independent Distributors use to boost business. “When they get somebody to sign up, they basically have them come in with a machine and a DD product,” Johnson says. “Ukon DD, in one year, counts as three machines, and it gives you the SP (special points) protection of your first position as long  as you stay on for the whole year. Basically somebody gets in at 2 and at the end of the year, they have 4.” He singles out some of top leaders who have employed these methods. “Imagine if this is being duplicated, which they do,” he adds, describing exponential growth.

The machine, that’s a no brainer. You need the good water,” Johnson says. “It’s the turmeric supplement that really builds their business... If you want residual income and you get everyone on your team on DD, that’s where it really kicks in.”

“You don’t need to purchase a Kangen Water® ionizer to build an Ukon business. Individuals can have up to 3 Ukon business centers and business accounts can have up to 5. To protect SP status, simply link an Ukon subscription to a Kangen Water® ionizer. As always, we try and make it easy for you to succeed”.

When you buy either a 4-month or 12-month Ukon supply, you will be paid the same amount of Ukon points as your Kangen Water® rank. Each Ukon DD point is worth $40 and each Ukon Sigma point is worth $100. For instance, if you are a 5A and you purchase Ukon DD, you will be paid 5 points, which is $200. If your downline partner buys Ukon DD under them, you will be paid according to that downline customer’s leg. For example, an Ukon DD sale to a customer in your 3A leg will give you a maximum of 3 points ($120), even if you are currently a 6A. Kangen Water Enagic pays Ukon commission to Independent Distributors who are actively enrolled in the Ukon Auto- ship program and surpass the $160 threshold.