Celebrating the Season and 1% Market Penetration in California!

hironari oshiro 

2021 is a reminder that we must be flexible in life and business during an extended global public health emergency. We were grateful to have the opportunity to spend time in California this year, but Mrs. Oshiro and I had to return to Japan and we were unable to attend end of year celebrations with distributors in the United States.

2021 has also been an exciting year for Kangen Water Enagic! Our global growth during the pandemic has been consistent with new customers purchasing a Kangen Water® ionizer to produce safe, healthy alkaline drinking water at home. These customers are enjoying Kangen Water Enagic products because a Distributor somewhere reached out to share the benefits of Kangen Water®, which is the definition of compassion. By helping others, Distributors succeed in Kangen Water Enagic. If you are only focused on your own success, you will limit yourself. Compassion is the future of Kangen Water Enagic!

Compassion is also a driving force in this year of milestones. Kangen Water Enagic achieved 1% market penetration in California, the largest state in the U.S. with 40 million residents. 1 out of every 100 households in California now uses a Kangen Water® ionizer. 160,000 machines have been sold in California alone – 10% of all Kangen Water Enagic machines in homes in the world! 1% market penetration is an important benchmark for durable goods manufacturers. We also see an impressive amount of Kangen Water® ionizers around the Pacific Rim:

  • 6% market penetration in Okinawa.

  • 4% market penetration in Hawaii.

  • 1% in Washington.

    Family is the focus around the holidays, but after your kids go to sleep or when you have spare time, think about what you would like to accomplish in the year ahead and how you will make it happen, identify opportunities and train to achieve your personal and team goals. I know what I’ll be drinking on New Year’s Eve: Kangen Water®. So should you. Happy New Year!

    Hironari Ohshiro

    Kangen Water Enagic Founder and CEO