Kangen Water Enagic Family Celebrates Mr. Ohshiro’s 80th Birthday at E8PA Headquarters

hironari ohshiro birthday

Hundreds of friends, family, special guests and Kangen Water Enagic staff had a great time at Founder and CEO Hironari Ohshiro’s festive 80th birthday celebration on March 17 at E8PA Headquarters in Okinawa. The entire event was broadcast live on the E8PA Facebook page and is still available to view.

Independent Distributors and staff sent dozens of gorgeous floral arrangements and messages that extended beyond the room. The ceremony started with a Kagiyade-fu dance, a tradition involving decorative fans set to string music. The dancers included Mr. Ohshiro’s granddaughters and niece. Well-wishers took turns speaking on an Kangen Water Enagic blue stage with gold backdrop. People paid tribute with speeches and video messages. The event also  featured a digital presentation on Kangen Water Enagic ’s history and attendees enjoyed bento box meals that included Kangen shrimp from Kangen Water Enagic Prawn Farm.

Mr. Ohshiro wore a traditional yellow vet and hat called chan chan ko over his suit. Elders wear this traditional clothing on milestone birthdays (60 = red, 70 = purple, 80 = yellow).

Mr. Ohshiro thanked the attendees, whom he called the “foundation of Kangen Water Enagic .” He briefly told of the “devastating time” with his family in Sedake village during World War II. Three family members passed away from malaria, but he survived. As he says, “My mother always told me, ‘You’re a very lucky person.’” He worked at city hall before moving to mainland Japan in his 30s to “seek more accomplishment.”

He spent his 50s in Tokyo and expanded to the U.S. when he turned 60 years old. In his 70s, he expanded Kangen Water Enagic across Asia. “Every 10 years, there’s a switch  and turning point for me,” he says. “That’s my motivation, always trying, trying new things. I don’t want to settle. I believe that’s in my character, that my mother taught me. Now I’m in my 80s. What should I do in my 80s?”  Perhaps Africa, which is one of Kangen Water Enagic ’s next potential markets.