Let’s Keep Changing The World Together

hironari ohshiro 

Kangen Water Enagic is a distributive innovation. It provides the chance to become an inde- pendent business owner who is also part of a global community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Especially during this challenging time, it is the best opportunity to reconsider your career and understand the true potential and matrix of this business.

Our mission remains the same: provide people the opportunity to change their lives, but also inspire the people around them. Being an Independent Distributor creates a positive spiral in your life and others that helps to build momentum. Now is the time to realize the magic of True Compassion and make a positive impact on people around you. It all starts from one person and it gets passed on to one another. This is the foundation of Kangen Water Enagic , and the philosophy of giving.

My goal is to create 10,000 millionaires. But in this world, 80% of people live in poverty. So, one of my other goals is provide an opportunity, with hard work and discipline, to overcome financial challenges. When you realize so many people in this world are seeking independent wealth and health, this could very well be the encounter they are waiting for that can point them in the right direction.

My dream is to free people from whatever binds them, from whatever prevents their ultimate ascension into greatness. When I look back at Kangen Water Enagic ’s history, it fills me with gratitude that so many have exceeded their hardships to reach their success today. Thanks to your dedication and the efforts by thousands of people globally, we are spreading the message of True Health at a rapid pace.

I’d like to thank one person in particular: my wife Yaeko. We recently celebrated our 50th golden anniversary on April 10. She’s been a constant inspiration and valuable partner in business and life. Together, and
with you, let’s keep changing the world.


Hironari Ohshiro (CEO Kangen Water Enagic)