Finish the Year Strong and Benefit Your Business With Team Activities

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The final quarter of 2022 has begun! How is your Enagic Business progressing? Ending the year with a good result is important for any business and life. Especially as a “leader,” you are now responsible not only for yourself, but also your whole team. We are sure that there are still many people in the world looking for opportunities. True leaders must lend a hand to those in need.

Enagic encourages top leaders to help more people and support team activity, such as organizing events, meetings, trainings, etc. How often do you invest in your teams? When was the last time you organized an event for your downline? We believe that all Enagic leaders need to understand and follow the Enagic vision and philosophy of True Health and compassion.

We encourage you to connect with your team more frequently and help them to strengthen their businesses. This can either be in-person or online. The key is just that you’re connecting.

With your leadership and support, help them achieve a higher rank. With Enagic’s patented 8-point compensation plan, when your downline succeeds, you also succeed. Everybody wins.

Maintaining a robust calendar may take more effort, but is worthwhile to your team business and personal growth. Remember to stay hydrated by drinking refreshing Kangen Water®.


Hironari Ohshiro

Enagic Founder and CEO