Tap Into Kangen Water Enagic’s Global Community to Help Grow Your Business

ceo kangen water enagic 

We recently held a three-day global event in San Diego to celebrate our 48th anniversary and 9.5 Day, an annual reminder of our group efforts to share 9.5 pH Kangen Water with the world. With over 1,500 participants, the event was a great success and we are certain that many more people will continue to become a part of Enagic and spread True Health around the world.

It was great to see so many familiar faces and to meet new people who are working to build our shared success. Enagic is going strong after 48 years because of you, our Independent Distributors. Some Distributors have been drinking Kangen Water® for 20 years. Amazing!

Hearing from top leaders and branch managers from around the world has been inspiring. I started Enagic near where I grew up in Okinawa, and it has now become a global company. You never know where Kangen Water® will spread next or where innovative ideas to help drive growth will come from. Please continue having conversations with Independent Distributors from different parts of the world to understand diverse perspectives.

The beauty of being an Independent Distributor is that you don’t have
to sell anything. Just drink Kangen Water® and share it with people. Keep sharing the water with them until they see the benefits! As we’ve seen for nearly 50 years, some of those people will end up buying Kangen Water® machines and become Independent Distributors themselves.

August was a great month for Enagic with over 19,000 newcomers joining the Enagic Family! We believe that this was all due to your hard work and passion, along with this month’s Daily 8-Point Contest, which gives a 1A the ability to earn the same commission as somebody higher ranked. Please use this opportunity and the power of Enagic’s patented 8-point compensation plan to help new downline Distributors. Enagic will continue supporting your business growth.

We hope you are enjoying and staying hydrated drinking Kangen Water®. Keep drinking, Keep sharing, Keep realizing True Health, and let’s aim for 20,000 units this month!


Hironari Ohshiro

Enagic Founder and CEO