Step by Step Tutorial on How to Change Kangen Water Machine's Filter 

 replace filter kangen water

1. If your Kangen Water machine LCD displays show you notification that said "Replace Filter", then it is time to change the filter with the new one. You can purchase new filter at Enagic Kangen Water office. 

kangen water filter

2. To change the filter you need to take out the old one and change it with the new one. First let the power of your Kangen Water machine switched ON, and then take out the filter cover (black cover on the left side of the machine).

changing kangen water filter

3. Next turn the water filter holder knob clockwise to unlock the filter then take it out. After the filter holder knob has been taken out, you can easily pull out the filter from the machine.

kangen water machine filter

4. Prepare new filter, before we insert new filter make sure to check at the bottom of the filter, there are two black rubber rings called O rings attached at the bottom side. This two black O rings functions is to prevent water leaking when you insert the filter to the machine.

black o ring kangen water filter

5. After you insert new filter, lock the filter again using the holder knob. Turn the holder knob counter clockwise until you hear "click" sound, to make sure the filter tightly locked.

holder knob kangen water filter

6. Press "Reset Switch" button at the top right corner on the filter chamber until the LCD notification said "Filter Reset" and the LCD displays goes back to normal again.

reset switch kangen water machine

7. Take the black filter cover back to its place.

kangen water machine black cover

8. Open the water faucet to run the water through the machine. Please dispose the initial water for about 3 minutes then close the faucet.

water faucet

9. Done. Now your Kangen Water machine can be used as usual.

kangen water machine sd 501