Kangen Water Enagic 2020 Year in Review

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2020 was a turbulent year defined by the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, thanks to dedicated Independent Distributors and employees, Kangen Water Enagic achieved some important milestones:

June 2020

Launch of the JRIV
The new LeveLuk JRIV machine replaced the JRII and features four platinum coated titanium electrode plates (up from three) that increase performance and convert tap water to five different water types simply by pushing a button. The JRIV also touts a large LCD display and built-in electrolysis enhancer tank. On June 21, Enagic India celebrated with a launch party in Bangalore.

July 2020

20,000 Global Units Achieved!
Kangen Water Enagic exceeds the monthly goal of 20,000 units (machines and Ukon subscriptions) sold! Mr. Ohshiro promptly set a new goal: 25,000 units in one month.

December 2020

Hiroki Ohshiro, Vice President of Enagic International
At E8PA Headquarters in Okinawa, the company celebrated Hiroki Ohshiro’s promotion. Ohshiro called for “strong determination” and for every Enagic employee to contribute, saying, “Let’s do our best together!”

We look forward to more joyful events in 2021.