Kangen Water Enagic upcoming 48th Anniversary Celebration and 9.5 Day event

ceo founder enagic hironari oshiro

Dear Enagic Independent Distributors,

As we prepare for the upcoming 48th Anniversary Celebration and 9.5 Day event in San Diego, I’m reminded of why events are so important.

We are excited about the gathering on 9.5 Day and the progress of the company. But most important is that Distributors, guests and prospects feel genuine excitement, pride, joy, and motivation while attending the event. And finally, we want Distributors to leave the event ready to close sales and incredibly focused on maximizing their business.

This event is an amazing opportunity to meet people, share knowledge, and close sales! More than ever, Enagic will ensure that every event has an atmosphere and environment that enables Distributors to sign up new prospects and guests. Bringing new prospects to the event is vital!

Enagic events are evolving to match the priorities of the company. Most machine sales are made by 1A, 2A, 3A and 4A Distributors. This shows that anyone can produce at any rank! And production is important. Sales production propels company growth and innovation. At Enagic events, expect to see more Distributors who produce on stage. Ranking up is wonderful and will always be recognized, but production is the foundation of our long-term growth. The Daily 8-Point Business Accelerator contest, which pays out up to $1,500 bonus prize each day, is designed to reward production!

As always, my favorite moment at the upcoming celebration will be the Kangen Water® toast with thousands of Distributors. Keep sharing and drinking Kangen Water® and see you in San Diego!


Hironari Ohshiro

Enagic Founder and CEO