Kangen Water Enagic Has Changed Over Time, But We’ve Stayed True to Our Philosophy

hironari oshiro kangen water ceo 

I started this company 48 years ago, when I was 33 years old. I was young back then, so I was not scared to try new things, an approach that often still works well for me and Enagic to this day. Despite my best efforts to succeed, and with invaluable support from so many talented Independent Distributors and employees, Enagic has suffered setbacks over the years, but we never stopped pushing. Even now, at age 81, I’m still in the battle to save the world. Until the whole world is happy, I have to continue to keep moving forward and improving.

People ask me “Mr. Ohshiro, why do you have so much energy and power?” One reason is because I have the will and determination to help the world. Even if you have that desire, your body still must be able to keep up with you. I credit my body’s ability to keep pace with my will and determination to 30 years of drinking Kangen Water® and using Ukon.

The basis of our business is to drink Kangen Water®. We have Independent Distributors who do not drink Kangen Water® daily, and I always tell these people, “How are you going to share True Health when you are not realizing it yourself?” When I was working for SONY, I was not the healthiest person. It did not matter back then because all we had to do was just sell SONY products. We did not think about anything else. The reason I started Enagic was to save the world through Kangen Water®. Many people said, “That dream is too big, don’t you think?” But our philosophy based on True Health and 5 water types has brought us to where we are today.

In a company, many things change over time - internal systems, locations, price, etc. - but our company has never changed our philosophy from Day 1. We always must think of others first as part of a compassionate mentality. Don’t do anything just for yourself. Consider your community and the world and put yourself in a position to do things for others. This business is all about giving. Put others before you. Then that person will put someone before her/him and so on. That is what our business is all about. Always think about helping others.

Share a glass of Kangen Water® with somebody else and then enjoy a glass yourself.


Hironari Ohshiro

Enagic Founder and CEO