Benefits of Strong Acidic Water for Killing Bacteria and Sanitizer Purpose

strong acidic benefits 

Kangen Water machine can produce so many useful water besides of drinking water such as Beauty Water and Strong Acidic Water.

Talks about strong acidic, it is a very excellent disinfctant water. in the food industry, it can be substituted for alcohol and hypo-chlorine sodium. In the medical-care industry, Strong Acidic Water is widely used for preventing infection within hospitals by disinfecting medical equipment or used for general cleaning.

Strong Acidic water created through Kangen Water machine has electric potential and includes hypochlorous acid generated from the anode side when electrolysis is caused. It is made by adding electrolysis enhancer to tap water. The electrolysis enhancer itself contains NaCl = 15%, NaClO = 0.001%, H2O = 85% and it is safe for cleaning and disinfectant purpose.

Strong Acidic Water was approved for disinfecting food products in June 2002, in accordance with Food Hygiene Law, under the name hypochlorous acid water. It is now used for a wide range of applications, including the cleaning and disinfecting of foods and cooking facilities.


Common Strong Acidic Uses:

Here are 4 common uses of Kangen Strong Acidic Water.

1. Cleaning and Sanitizing Kitchen Utensils

kitchen utensils

Sanitize knives, cutting boards, dish towels, and kitchen cloths etc. Clean and disinfect in and around the kitchen, which is a breeding ground for germs.

2. Cleaning and Preparing Food Materials

When cleaning with strong acidic water, it is important to keep the water running, as the available chlorine will lose effect quite quickly. When disinfecting a basin, allow the water to overflow to ensure continuous disinfection. Just be sure to limit the use of strong Acidic water to a short time.

3. Hands Sanitizer

washing hands

Washing your hands before cooking is an important aspect of food sanitation. Likewise, wash your hands carefully, then rinse with running strong acidic electrolyzed water to disinfect.

4. Help to Prevents Bacteria Infection from Cuts and Scrapes

Use Strong Acidic water every time you clean the wounds to keep it free from bacteria.