Main Benefits and the Use of Beauty Water Produced From Kangen Water Machine

beauty water benefits kangen water 

Beauty Water is a mildly acidic water with pH around 5.5-6.0 that is made by pushing "Beauty Water" button on Kangen Water machine. Beauty Water or can also be called acidic water has an effect in toning your skin as it has astringent properties. Beauty Water is effective to help tone and firm your skin after a bath or shower, or to help close your pores after washing your face and can be used frequently as a spray throughout your day for best results. 

While internally your body is healthiest if it is alkaline, your skin pH is ideally around pH 5.5-6.0. Beauty Water makes your skin feel soft and moisturised like you have used lotions or oils; it makes your skin feel hydrated. 

Beauty Water can also be used as conditioner replacement after shampooing. Beauty Water will tightens your scalp, reduces tangles and brings a radiant shine to your hair. 

beauty water pets grooming

Beside for human, Beauty Water can also be used to groom fur and hairs of your pets (such as cats and dogs) to make their fur soft and shiny. Use Beauty Water as your pets bath water.


Another Use of Beauty Water

washing dishes sparkling clean beauty water 

Beauty Water can also be used to remove stains on dishes, cups, glasses and tiles. Remove tannin from tea cups and grime and grease on burnt pots and pans by leaving it to soak in water for 24 hours. Wash dishes and glasses with the water and it will come out sparkling clean. Polish mirrors, windows and glass objects with the water and it will give it a high sheen.

Kangen Beauty Water is also great for boiling pasta and making batters for fried foods. Using Kangen Beauty Water to boil pasta will give a nice sheen and firm texture. Various types of beans such as kidney beans and green peas will cook to perfection when boiled in this water. Fried foods will turn out nice and crispy, not oily, even when left to sit for an extended period of time.

Other than boiling pasta and making batters, Kangen Beauty Water is also good for washing and preparing fruits and vegetables containing anthocyanins. The vibrant colour of various fruits and vegetables such as cherries, grapes, strawberries and egg plants will not change when washed and prepared with this water.