3 Main Reasons Why Kangen Water is So Amazing Drinking Water

3 kangen water special properties 

There are three main properties that make Kangen Water different from any other water in the world: anti-oxidation, micro-clustering & alkalinity. Alone, each of these have tremendous benefits, but when they come together, they create an incredible combination!

Water, usually normal, everyday tap water, enters the water ionizer where it first passes through an internal filter, where impurities and chemicals, like chlorine, are removed. The filtered water then passes through a series of electrically charged electrodes, also known as “plates”, where a positive and negative charge physically separates ions of the water into two streams; one is acidic, the “positive” water and one is alkaline, the “negative” water.



kangen water alkalinity 

Most people have no idea about the importance of maintaining a balanced pH level in the body. The pH level of the blood is the most vital and sensitive in humans. Balanced blood pH is 7.365, with a very slight margin for change in either direction. A major imbalance of the blood’s pH can lead to severe problems, including, in the most extreme cases, death.

Since the pH level of the blood is so vital, when pH values adjust to dangerous levels the body will “steal” pH rich minerals from other less important parts in order to keep the blood balanced. In essence, your body will steal from itself, which is basically killing you slowly, to prevent you from dying immediately.

If this happens, the body goes into survival mode, just trying to stay alive, which weakens natural defenses. The body starts using so much energy and resources for basic functions, that the entire system becomes susceptible to disease and degeneration. Unfortunately, the lifestyle choices of most Americans put them in an acidic state of being, known as acidosis.

Drinking alkaline rich Kangen Ionized water with pH around 8.5-9.5 helps the body to replenish the necessary alkaline minerals and assists in bringing balance to a body that is overly acidic.



kangen water antioxidant 

In addition to alkalinity, Kangen water is also loaded with active hydrogen, which serves as an antioxidant when it interacts with the body. Active hydrogen contains an extra electron that it is able to donate to a free radical, which then neutralizes the free radical and renders it harmless. When tested using electronic equipment level of antioxidant power of Kangen water can be measured. Oxidation Reduction Potential or ORP of any liquid indicates if it is an oxidant, which has a positive reading, or an antioxidant, which has a negative reading.

Kangen water typically has a negative ORP value of -300 to -700 or lower, depending on variables in the source water and the amount of power being supplied to the electrode.



kangen water molecules cluster 

Water molecules do not just float around, all alone like microscopic drops of water. Instead, they group together in what are known as “clusters”. Although there is no actual molecular bond, these molecules stick together and operate as one unit. Most drinking water, including bottled and tap water, is comprised of clusters containing between 16 - 30 water molecules, known as a Macro- Cluster.

During the ionization process these clusters are broken apart, resulting in fragmented clusters containing 4 - 6 water molecules, which is known as a Micro-Cluster. This smaller grouping of molecules is able to penetrate and be absorbed by the body more effectively, which leads to a more rapid and greater degree of cellular hydration.

These properties can be created by virtually any water ionizer, but it is the “staying power” of the properties that is important. Not all water ionizers are created equal, so purchase the one that produces the strongest properties which is Kangen Water machine.